Cafe Menu

The order stop is 30 minutes before the store closes.
The prices is including tax.

※All our books are for sale, please be careful with the merchandise. You are not allowed to bring any merchandise before payment to your seat.

[We always use fresh ground beans.]
Coffee  ¥500
Iced Coffee  ¥550
Coffee with Milk (Hot/Iced) ¥550

[You can choose your favorite tea leaves.]
We have 2 type of tea.
Assam: Strong taste from the monsoon land .
Earl Gray: Citrus flavored tea, for refreshing.

Tea(Hot/Iced) ¥500
Tea with milk(Hot/Iced) ¥550

[Organic tea leaves from east mountain part of Nara.]
Roasted Japanese Tea(Hot/Iced) ¥500
Roasted Japanese Tea with milk(Hot/Iced) ¥550

[Fresh juice imported from Italy.]
Blood Orange Juice ¥550

[Various beverages]
Beer(Hearland/Small) ¥600
Wine(White) ¥600

[Chicken Curry with Rice]

Mix with Indian curry and Japanese GENMAI rice.
Medium portion ¥900
Large portion ¥1200
+¥200 with a drink

Sandwich (with Scrambled Egg, Spinach and Cheese) with a Drink ¥1100

[Home Made Cake with a Drink]
Please ask our staff about today’s cakes.